Our CEO Jonathan Coates and his team having worked for several agency providers were extremely aware of the implications that bad practice and poor service from staffing providers had and the implications that this bad service can have on the end service user.

With the expertise and experience to bring about change and to form, build and deliver a new superior brand to the market R Care was born. With the ethos of revolutionising agency nurse supply, we bring a professional touch that delivers a Nursing Service which is transparent, and compliant whilst maintaining a human and ethical focus.

R Care nursing is at the very core of our business our nurses are our pride and joy and we look after them so they can in turn look after you. We only recruit the very best.

Agency nurses have a stigma of been lazy and if we have heard I am only there to do the meds once we have heard it a thousand times. This is where we set ourselves apart from the rest – an R Care nurse is recruited with the view to coming to your ward or home and delivering you the very best care and treatment they are expected to seamlessly integrate into your service.

From initial introduction to us to going out to work a Nurse goes through some 29 stages of compliance check to include:

  • Telephone Screening
  • Initial Branch Interview with a fully trained consultant
  • 5 Years referencing completed
  • Full enhanced DBS checks
  • Occupational Health Checks
  • Employers Verification and NMC caller code checks
  • Competencies interview with our Clinical Lead
  • Training – we offer some 22 units a blend of practical, classroom and e-learning experiences
  • Access to Control and Restraint and Positive Behavioural Solutions training – should this be needed
  • Further access to clinical skills courses including PEG feeding, Stoma and Tracheostomy Care, Nutrition and Fluids, Clinical Skills and Care Planning.

Upon completion, of our checks, training and induction our worker is made available for work. We have workers that are available for Long Days and Waking Nights.

When booked, workers will arrive to your service dressed appropriately – if you have asked for uniformed staff they will be wearing our company Tunic along with a real id badge that has their photograph encrypted.

In this ever-changing world and upon CQC putting emphasis and pressure on client to ensure there agency nurses are who they say they are we have delivered to market a an unseen level off compliance and transparency that is unheard of from other providers through our bespoke database, CRM and Booking System we can allow our clients remote access to our back office effectively letting you audit us from your own office.

We can provide access to:

  • Temp Plan – see who is booked where and when along with costs
  • Profiles – you can view a staff profile at the click of a mouse – great when CQC arrive unexpected
  • Employer Verifications and Caller Codes
  • UK Right to work verifications and checks
  • Training Records and Matrixes
  • DBS Certificates
  • Interview Notes
  • References

We really do have the confidence that our services is the best that there is in the current market place.