Q & A with the Director


As it is Yorkshire day and with him been a Yorkshire Lad – Today we have chosen to profile our Director and CEO Jonathan.

Having read up on the general traits of Yorkshire folk we believe that a lot of the core values of our company stem from Jonathan’s Yorkshire roots!!

Jonathan is the founder of our company taking his ideas from concept to reality in a matter of months, delivering R Care and its services to market. Jonathan is hands on in the business on a day to day basis, you still find him booking shifts, speaking with clients and chatting with our workers in reception he is the first in and the last to leave most days.

1.  What Yorkshire traits would you say you have instilled into the Company. 

Honesty and Integrity within the company from all the staff is paramount and  the main focal point of our Company’s core values it is embedded in all we do from Sale to Delivery.

Hard Working is definitely a trait that has been in bedded from my upbringing in Yorkshire, Yorkshire is known for hard working people, my Grandparents worked hard i always remember my Grandad working nights, coming home walking the dog going to sleep then getting up and doing a back shift at 2pm true grit. A commitment to hard work and the company is something we look for when recruiting as the people we do hire are the face of the company.

2. What was the reason behind setting up the Company? 

After working for a couple of high profile recruitment providers i found that, i was in constant battle with boards and directors trying to get funding for this training or for that advertising budget, i think i always had an idea of how a company that i opened would operate and function, what training should be given to staff, what we needed from a compliance perspective, what you tend to get with a lot of multi recruiters is that they see Healthcare Recruitment as a recession proof quick win, don’t want to invest, don’t want to train people, want to charge through the nose for this and that. We do things a little differently we have a softer edge however still remain focussed on revenue and profit.

3. What do you do differently from your past experiences? 

We want the company to be known within the market as being purpose driven, delivering exceptional client and candidate experiences and delivering results, to both.

We decided to introduce a clinical lead within the business to help support our nursing staff, this adds an extra element to the lengths the business goes to, to provide a top quality service, our nurses are now assessed, appraised, supervised and they feel part of a team and company we aren’t simply just a voice at the end of the phone asking them to do a shift. Furthermore i think we are the only independently owned company in the North East that offer this service.

4. Is the Company on Target from the plan made 18 months ago? 

We are never on target, (laughs) because i always want us to be bigger and better. If we are speaking about the original  business plan we delivered 18 months ago we are above target. Then again that is the thing we always aim for – Under promise over deliver.

5. What’s next for R-Care? 

The plan is to make R-Care a national brand, but over the next year i have set our sights on Edinburgh, Darlington and of course my home County Yorkshire with a Leeds opening imminent.

6. What is your motivation? 

We have a fantastic team in the business, so i tend to always think we need to pay their wages this month these people have Children, Mortgages they want to go on holiday , so that is my biggest driver to work hard and achieve, i think of other people before myself. I also get enjoyment out of seeing people grow and achieve one person in particular has shone this year and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction- to be able to reward that person’s commitment and dedication makes me a happy man.

7.  Did you prepare for setbacks? 

Building a business is never going to be easy, I think I would have been foolish if I believed  everything would run smoothly, we have had hiccups, and mistakes have been made, the most important thing is that we look at mistakes and learn from them. A lot of companies are so insular that they do not see where they are going wrong. I always prepared myself from the outset i knew that to some degree my personal life would have to be put on hold for the next two years.

Let’s Get Personal.

1. What do you do to switch off from work? 

I never really switch off from work, the company has seriously had my blood, sweat and tears put into it over the last 18 months. I think the challenge for me is letting go even for an hour. I tend to go to the gym early morning where i build up to the day, I run after work which tends to clear my thoughts so i can relax in the evening. I won’t lie i have nights where i wake up thinking about work and that is it bam wide awake club, when i go out with friends and family i tend to talk about work, and people always ask as they are aware of what i  do so it is fair to say The Business is often part of conversation. However i do have down time i socialise a lot with the close group of friends I have, i travel extensively when i get chance and i tend to do quite a bit of clothes shopping.

2.  Have you planned to take some time away this year to relax, with your phone off? 

I have planned to go away however my phone and Ipad will be firmly by my side I like culture and exploring new places so i have plans to travel to Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. I like to go places where i can learn, places that make my senses come alive I love adventure. Travelling is definitely a huge love of mine.

3. What do Your Friends and Family think of your accomplishments? 

At first most people thought I was crazy and even to this day they quite possibly think the same, on the whole of it though everyone is very proud of what has been achieved in such a short space of time. My friends are very supportive and always there when i need an ear to bend.  The most common thing i hear when i am in someone’s company outside of work is are you closing that laptop or is that phone ever out of your hand. However on the whole of it everyone is very supportive.

Thank you Jonathan for taking a little time out of your day to answer these questions.

Written By Joanna Hall